Logan Paul hits the jackpot with first ever $1million Pokemon TCG box

logan paul pokemon cards boxInstagram, @loganpaul

YouTube star Logan Paul revealed that his latest Pokemon box break has netted him $1,000,000 after selling individual packs for quite a hefty profit. 

Pokemon cards and packs have always been collectible and popular thanks to the TV show and multiple games that fans are able to play.

The franchise has got new and old fans alike, with the latter portion craving that childhood nostalgia of buying packs from the store and playing games like Pokemon Yellow and Ruby. That has caused a huge spike in the popularity, and price, of classic Pokemon cards. 

People have been buying them up to either keep a hold of as an investment for even further down the line, or selling the packs shortly after buying them to make a nice profit – to the frustration of some collectors.

Logan Paul holds up pokemon card sets.YouTube: Logan Paul
YouTube star Logan Paul has taken to trading Pokemon cards, leading to some serious developments in the card game’s economy.

Well, it appears as if Logan Paul has brought in one of the biggest profits around, revealing that he recently sold 33 packs for a combined $1,000,000 profit. 

“We got the first-ever million-dollar Pokemon box. I had no idea it was going to be this big,” Logan said on episode 257 of imPaulsive. “I thought the packs would maybe sell for $15,000 each. They sold for an average of $38,250 on Goldin Auctions. 

“We sold 33 of them, which puts it at about $1,300,000. The $350,000 box that I bought grossed 1.3 million dollars and we still have three packs left.” 

As for the reaming three packs, the YouTuber going to tie them to a non-fungible token (NFT) where the winners will get to own certain highlights from the box break, and get to witness it live. 

These NFTs have been popping up more and more across the internet, becoming incredibly valuable. The NBA has started digital collectibles of highlight packs, which is what Logan wants to lean into.

“It’s part of this market hype phenomenon of me X Pokemon X this new industry that is digital collectibles,” Logan added. So, who knows how much he’ll have made when the box break is wrapped up.