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Jake Paul addresses Alissa Violet’s upcoming confession in Shane Dawson docuseries

Published: 12/Oct/2018 22:30

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Jake Paul is currently the focus of Shane Dawson’s latest documentary series, which will discuss Paul’s turbulent relationship with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet in its seventh episode.

Paul addressed this development in a recent vlog, where he stated that he was originally opposed to her involvement in the series.

However, he has since changed his mind on the matter, and is now open to her side of the story and is prepared for any consequences that her testimony might have.

“I just want to squash everything and move forward,” he stated. “…there’s two sides to every story, and I just want the truth out there.”

Paul also claimed that he trusts Shane with the series’ direction, and even sided with the YouTuber in regards to his ‘horror-film esque’ editing.

While he appears to be largely pleased with the project thus far, he admitted that he was concerned with Shane’s reaction to a clip taken from one of his father’s vlogs.

In the clip, Jake and Logan are seen breaking plates and shouting in front of the Team 10 dog, Apollo – which Shane appeared to be alarmed about.

“Apollo is the most savage dog there is,” Paul claimed. “He loves noise, he loves getting in the excitement. …these dogs [Belgian Malinois] go into war. They don’t care about loud noises.”

Dawson’s docuseries over the YouTuber is breaking massive records, surpassing major Netflix shows and even topping YouTube’s trending videos with each release.


xQc slams Fortnite’s competitive changes as “unfair” in Season 5

Published: 4/Dec/2020 11:56

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has slammed the current state of Fortnite’s competitive arena mode and the casual features it includes. 

The release of Fortnite’s Season 5 has brought a wealth of changes and new content for players to check out. These new features include new NPC’s, dialogue, and side missions which have been added to both the standard and competitive mode.

Epic’s decision to add these extra features to Fortnite’s competitive mode has displeased certain members of the community. Twitch personality xQc has voiced his opinion on the matter in a heated rant whilst streaming.

Epic Games
Members of the Fortnite community argue unnecessary features ruin the competitive mode.

xQc criticizes Fortnite’s competitive mode in rant

Everybody enjoys checking out new features in games, especially when it’s as exciting as a new season in Fortnite. New dialogue, music, and NPC’s all assist in making gameplay more immersive and fun, but should they be added into a game’s competitive mode?

That’s the ongoing debate taking place in the Fortnite community as Epic has opted to add all of Season 5’s new features to the competitive mode. This had led to members of the community arguing that these features water down the competitive nature of arena matches.

Twitch personality xQc has expressed his view on the topic, slamming Fortnite’s competitive mode in a rant on stream: “how is that I queue for a competitive game mode and there is quests to do, there’s bots, there’s side missions… I queued to play against players.”

As you can see, it’s obvious xQc isn’t the biggest fan of the new features added to competitive.

A competitive mode should provide players with an environment in which skill determines a victor. Therefore, it’s easy to see why members of the Fortnite community are frustrated that these features are being added to arena matches.

A solution offered by xQc is to clearly establish a casual and competitive mode: “I feel a lot of the time this game tries to bridge competitive and casual at the same time… that’s unfair to people who only care about competitive.”

Currently, casual and competitive receive the same features so it’s difficult to establish a difference between the two.

This is certainly an issue Epic may have to address if the community continues to complain about the cluttered state of the game’s competitive mode.