Jake Paul accused of allegedly stealing content from Fortnite streamer

Virginia Glaze

Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul has been accused of stealing from smaller creators, as Tweeted out by streamer ‘thatdenverguy’ on November 17.

According to ‘thatdenverguy,’ Jake Paul had used footage of one of his Fortnite streams for his ‘The Girlfriend Fortnite Distraction Challenge Pt. 2’ video seven months prior.

However, the allegations don’t end there; Paul allegedly went on to copyright claim thedenverguy for exposing the stolen footage during a subsequent video.

“That is me, dude,” thatdenverguy said of the debacle in the offending video, pointing out his Fortnite account name in the top left hand corner of the footage. “Look – ‘thatdenverguyYT,’ this is me.”

Screenshots of the copyright claim shared by thedenverguy show that the claimant had reported the video for one particular scene,  where denver was dropping down into the map with an umbrella glider.

An investigation by YouTuber ‘Spill’ confirms that the same username can, indeed, be found in Paul’s own video, further proving that he – or someone on his production team – had pilfered the footage.

Spill went on to explain that Paul may have wanted to use that specific footage for a skit, as evidenced by further incriminating footage of the YouTube star.

Despite Paul only claiming a minute-long segment from denver’s three-hour-long video, Paul receives all ad revenue from the entire upload – and denver is unlikely to dispute the claim, as doing so could result in the ultimate deletion of the video in question, or even his entire channel, should he get hit with three copyright strikes.