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Adam22 reveals hardest part of interviewing rappers on No Jumper podcast

Published: 4/Mar/2020 13:58 Updated: 22/Mar/2020 17:51

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber and No Jumper podcast host Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison has revealed one of the hardest parts of interviewing rappers, during a conversation with Chicago hip-hop artist G Herbo.

Adam22 has become one of the go-to people for insights into the rap scene, starting out by interviewing underground rappers from SoundCloud before his (and their) growth saw him move to the forefront of the scene, and now one of the biggest personalities in the game.

He is a skilled interviewer, and found a brilliant niche from which to build himself a career and lifestyle out of – but, he says, it’s not always easy to do.

Instagram: adam22
Adam22 has built up a great rapport with some of the biggest rappers in the world, including the late Juice WRLD.

Speaking about Herbo’s recent album PTSD, the two discuss the struggles of rappers who haven’t always been able to wear their heart on their sleeve and speak openly about their feelings and “most vulnerable states.”

This is something that Adam understands perfectly, having interviewed so many rappers, saying it’s “part of the problem” when talking to them.

He says: “A lot of dudes just grow up with the codes of the streets embedded in them, where the rules are: you don’t talk to people you don’t know, you don’t talk on the record, you definitely don’t talk on camera… There’s a lot of rappers who you will never hear open up about their girl because they don’t want to seem soft.”

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Though he references rappers not wanting to discuss their girlfriends, it’s clear the implication is much wider and that many rappers wouldn’t want to touch on subjects that G Herbo does in PTSD, based on his own mental health issues.

Herbo, in turn, explains that he’s confident enough in who he is to discuss it so openly, believing that he’s “not taking away from [his] masculinity by embracing these situations.”

The two later opened up about the loss of their friends over the years, including the likes of Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion and Pop Smoke, and the effects it has had on them over the years.


Charli D’Amelio and Bebe Rexha’s ASMR is the best thing you’ll hear today

Published: 23/Oct/2020 19:15

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio has hopped on the ASMR trend, and she brought singer Bebe Rexha along with her for a hilarious relaxation session — complete with a few insights into both stars’ lives.

Charli D’Amelio may be known for her catchy choreography, but it looks like the TikTok celebrity is more than just a dancer. Now, she’s delving into the world of ASMR, and brought Bebe Rexha along for the ride.

Their ASMR collaboration, uploaded to YouTube on October 23, came just two weeks after Charli’s appearance in Rexha’s ‘Baby I’m Jealous’ music video with Doja Cat, as well as a few other key influencers like Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg.

It looks like the group has gotten close in the days that followed, with Bebe and Charli settling down for snacks in front of a high-sensitivity ASMR mic to talk about their careers and favorite foods.

Charli D'Amelio, Nikita Dragun, Avani Gregg, Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha pose for a group photo.
Instagram: TikTokRoom
Charli D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun and Avani Gregg appeared in a music video with Doja Cat and Bebe Rexha earlier this month.

Although plenty of hilariousness ensued, the two dropped quite a few facts for their fans, with Bebe Rexha admitting that she gets anxiety when flying on airplanes.

That’s not all; Charli was also asked about the “funnest moment” in her career, which she whittled down to having dinner with her friends or just hanging out with other TikTokers, rather than attending big events as an A-list celeb.

“I realize like, this is crazy!” she said. “It’s those little moments where it just like, clicks for a second, and I’m like, ‘Woah, that’s kind of insane.’ Those are the best.”

Although Charli’s ASMR series is still in its early stages, Bebe Rexha suggested they go full-on Mukbang for future episodes — a style of video where influencers sit down with a huge spread of food and chow down in front of the camera.

It seems that this style of video is rather popular in some online circles, although it still remains to be seen if Charli’s fanbase is up for that kind of content. Nevertheless, her pilot ASMR experience was certainly a fun ride, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the star in her new journey into the world of relaxation.