Jackson Mahomes sparks relationship rumors after kiss with Instagram model

Instagram: Dayna Marie/Jackson Mahomes

TikTok star Jackson Mahomes has fans sitting on the edge of their seats after being seen sharing a kiss with a mystery girl.

TikTok bad boy Jackson Mahomes, 21, is younger brother of Patrick Mahomes –  the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Jackson has amassed over 1 million followers on TikTok with an added 260,000 on Instagram.

Fans of Mahomes have recently sparked rumors that the star was seen kissing a mystery girl in a now-viral video uploaded to TikTok.

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Jackson Mahomes shares kiss with a mystery girl

On Wednesday, March 16, TikTok star ‘Blaneoh’ uploaded a video showing Mahomes and social media model Dayna Marie sharing a kiss, sparking relationship rumors among fans.

In the video, the creators were jamming out to Kevin Gates’ “Thinkin’ with My D***,” before Mahomes lightly pushed Blaneoh out of the way to stand next to Marie, eventually sharing a kiss with her.

Hours after the release of the video, both Marie and Mahomes could be seen posting to their Instagram stories about each other.

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Instagram: Dayna Marie/Jackson Mahomes
Both Jackson and Marie go public about their kiss

While not confirmed, some fans think the video was staged, due to the fact that Marie and Blaneoh were previously in a relationship.

“Isn’t that Blane’s ex?” one fan commented.

“Nah, bro turned that camera off fast as hell,” another one answered.

In May 2020, Mahomes addressed his sexuality in a YouTube video, as rumors abounded about the star’s orientation.

“A lot of people ask me this question just because of my voice and just because of the way I talk, and I guess like some of the ways I dance on TikTok, but I am not gay,” he said.

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While it is not confirmed whether the TikTok duo are currently in a relationship or not, it can be concluded that they definitely are getting close.

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