Island Boys rage quit another interview as Bryce Hall beef reaches fever pitch

YouTube: DramaAlert

The Island Boys haven’t shied away from beef with influencers since their huge come-up on TikTok, and now things have only escalated amid their rumored boxing fight with TikTok star Bryce Hall.

The Island Boys’ beef with Bryce is an ongoing one, regularly going at each other on TikTok, so much so that Bryce has offered to fight either one of them in his next boxing match.

Bryce had been clowning the divisive rap duo over their “thuggin’” comments on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, which they stormed out of after a disagreement with co-host George Janko.

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Now, they’ve stormed out of another interview, this time when KEEMSTAR brought together them and Bryce.

island boys impaulsiveYouTube: IMPAULSIVE
The Island Boys are making a habit of ending interviews early.

In the DramaAlert interview, which was intended to bring the two parties together to organize their face-off in the ring, but it descended into chaos.

Throughout the interview, all three of those involved were constantly mocking each other’s looks, referring to each other as “clout chasers” and the Island Boys even used a homophobic slur against Bryce.

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Finally, after showing off stacks of money and a gun in a safe, one of them told Bryce to “fly to Fort Lauderdale airport and we’ll show you what real gangsters do,” before promptly leaving the call.

What this means for their rumored fight is unclear. While the Island Boys insisted they don’t need money from the boxing match and would prefer to settle it in Florida, it doesn’t seem as though Bryce wants to go that route.

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If the fight does go ahead, it would be Bryce’s second official boxing match after his loss to Austin McBroom at the Battle of the Platforms, and the Island Boys’ first officially recognized boxing match.

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