Bryce Hall calls out Island Boys for boxing match after heated TikTok beef

. 6 months ago
Instagram: flyysoulja/YouTube: Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall has challenged viral rap duo the Island Boys to a boxing match, with their back-and-forth beef on the platform showing no signs of slowing down.

In late December 2021, the arguments started on TikTok, with Bryce trolling the duo for their “thuggin’” comments on the Impaulsive podcast, which saw them storm off the set early, leaving hosts Logan Paul, Mike Majlak and George Janko stunned.

What may have initially looked like some one-off jokes at each other’s expense between Bryce and the divisive duo, however, has turned into something much bigger than that — and Hall has his sights on a return to the boxing ring.

The question is, will the Island Boys take him up on the offer?

viral tiktok island boys
Instagram: @flyysoulja
The Island Boys have made waves on the internet.

The Island Boys made huge waves on the internet with their viral ‘Island Boys’ freestyle, and are aiming to turn that success into something much bigger.

One thing they perhaps weren’t expecting, though, was to be embroiled in influencer beef and even called out for boxing matches.

Shortly after tweeting that he wants to “step back in the ring” this year, Bryce posted another tweet directly calling them out. “Someone tell the island boys ill take em both at the same time in a boxing match,” he said.

While the Island Boys haven’t responded at the time of writing, Bryce may end up preoccupied with another fight first.

In his return to YouTube, KSI’s brother Deji called out “steroid b**ch” Bryce for a fight, both looking to redeem themselves after their losses to Vinnie Hacker and Auston McBroom at the Social Gloves Battle of the Platforms.

The question, though, is which fight will happen first, if at all?

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