IShowSpeed’s Coke & Mentos challenge attempt ends in disaster

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IShowSpeed recently did the Coke & Mentos challenge in his bathroom toilet on stream, but it ended in disaster.

Over the last few years, IShowSpeed has become one of the top YouTube live streamers on the platform, amassing over 15 million subscribers in the process.

Known for his wild antics on stream, Speed has done things like attempting to fry a corn dog in milk, barking at his high school teacher, and setting off fireworks in his bedroom.

On March 8, 2023, IShowSpeed attempted to do the Coke & Mentos challenge in his toilet — but the results weren’t as exciting as he had hoped.

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IShowSpeed Coke & Mentos challenge didn’t go as planned

During his stream, IShowSpeed decided to go into the bathroom and try the infamous Coke & Mentos challenge in his toilet as a way to ‘make Christiano Ronaldo appear.’

Discovered around 2005, the hands-on experiment involves mixing Coca-Cola with Mentos mints as the reaction the two have together creates a geyser-like explosion from the bottle.

However, when Speed attempted it in the toilet… nothing happened. Presumably because the Mentos just went down the drain while the Coke remained in the bowl.

Frustrated, Speed decided to attempt the experiment in the bathroom sink. With his cameraman continuing to stay focused, the YouTube star shook up the bottle of Coke before opening it up to fill the sink.

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The bottle had another idea, however, as it blasted out of the container while spraying the bathroom ceiling, walls, and countertop.

It’s no secret that the YouTuber is a big fan of Christiano Ronaldo as he’s constantly trying to find a way to meet the soccer player in person.

He’s gotten close, however, having witnessed him score during a match in Saudi Arabia.