Is Valkyrae leaving YouTube? 100 Thieves star taking stream break as she awaits announcement

Valkyrae stares off in worry during YouTube stream.YouTube: Valkyrae

YouTube streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter will be taking a break from streaming, but her reason for putting a pause on things is shrouded in mystery. 

Valkyrae is YouTube’s most-watched female streamer, holding the coveted title since early 2020 when she made the switch from Twitch.

With streaming peers like Ludwig making huge changes in their careers, fans are wondering what could be next for Valkyrae after a series of mystifying tweets.

Now, the 100 Thieves co-owner has suggested a move from YouTube could be on the cards as a fascinating announcement is on the way.

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valkyrae RFLCT skin careRFLCT YouTube
Valkyrae’s career has seen some interesting developments, especially with the mixed reception of RFLCT.

Is Valkyrae going back to Twitch?

During her January 14 stream, Valkyrae addressed plans to take a break from streaming. However, the content creator’s reason for doing so unraveled more clues for the next step in her career.

“I’m gonna be gone for a while because…erm…the announcement video isn’t ready,” the streamer revealed during her stream. However, she was a bit coy on what platform the announcement would be in relation to. “I can’t really stream on said platform until the announcement video is posted,” she continued.

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“I don’t know when it’s gonna be ready. I’m trying to get it out, the sooner the better, but it looks like it’s gonna take at least a couple of weeks” added Valkyrae.

To celebrate two years of streaming on YouTube, Valkyrae had initially hinted towards a big announcement on Twitter. “Will do a short adios stream and talk about future plans,” she posted.

“I’m sorry my main tweet seemed cryptic I just can’t stream until the next announcement vid is completed. I’m not quitting streaming I promise,” she said shortly after in a follow-up tweet.

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Valkyrae moving away from YouTube would be a bit shocking, seeing as it wasn’t all that long ago that she said the platform was the “only real option” for streaming stars.

Plenty of fans have urged her to return to Twitch, and ramped up those calls when she revealed there wasn’t long left on her YouTube deal.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, though.

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