FaZe Rain threatens to leave org unless Cbass is fired

FaZe Rain threatens to leave faze over cbassYouTube: FaZe Cbass, Nordan Shat

FaZe Rain has publicly threatened to leave FaZe Clan unless one of its creators and directors of social media, Cbass, is ousted from the organization.

FaZe Rain has stirred up quite a conversation on social media after seemingly threatening to leave FaZe Clan unless one of its OG members is removed from the group.

Rain is also a prominent member of FaZe, on top of being a prominent YouTuber and former CoD trickshotter. Over the past several years, Rain has been spotty on social media, but has come in and out with updates on his life and health from time to time.

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He’s been far more active on his accounts over the past several months, and took to Twitter with a very pointed message directed at FaZe and its director of social media, Cbass.

FaZe Rain threatens to leave FaZe unless Cbass is kicked out

Rain responded to an image post on the FaZe Twitter account that jokingly asked its followers to peep the photo description, a new accessibility feature on the social media website. The image description poked fun at FaZe Apex, saying, “Apex is short.”

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FaZe Rain didn’t seem to be joking around with his response to the post, though. In a reply, Rain tweeted: “Yeah, I’m leaving FaZe until we publicly kick CBass. F*cking loser.”

Although Rain may just be joking, some netizens aren’t so sure. Rain also made critical comments about Cbass in a YouTube video in March of this year, where he claimed Cbass was “part of the problem and why FaZe has been dying.”

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“You have been compliant with every single person who has tried to hurt FaZe and sell FaZe out and make money off FaZe,” he said. “And you’ve done it for a salary and a position at FaZe that you feel comfortable with.”

Rain hasn’t been the only one critical of FaZe’s current position; co-founder FaZe Banks also had some harsh words to say about the company’s direction, notably accusing “corporate f*cks” of stealing the organization in a tweet on April 15.

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