Content creators call out YouTube for "stealing" their thumbnail

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creators ‘DeadMeat’ have called out YouTube after their thumbnail was apparently stolen for one of the platform’s on-demand horror movies.

The YouTube channel ‘DeadMeat’ has built a massive following of over 3.5 million subscribers for its reviews and breakdowns of popular horror titles.

However, the popular review channel did not seem to be too impressed after realizing that YouTube had taken a thumbnail from one of their videos for one of their own newly added movies.

DeadMeat, YouTube
Horror movie review channel DeadMeat has called out YouTube after stealing their thumbnail


One of the most popular series on the DeadMeat channel is called “Kill Count,” where they keep track of how many deaths there were in many of the fan-favorite horror films.

The content creators did an episode for the 6th movie in the popular A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, “Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare” in February 2018.

However, when the movie was later added to the video-sharing site for horror fans to rent or purchase, DeadMeat was quite surprised at how familiar the thumbnail that YouTube decided to use was.


“Lol wow, that’s weird. What up, YouTube?” DeadMeat founder James Janisse simply asked, quote tweeting a picture of their video’s thumbnail in comparison with the recently added horror movie.

The two thumbnails were almost identical, although many of the channel’s fans pointed out a noticeable smudge where the “Kill Count” series’ title had been erased from the image.


“Nice to know YouTube steals your thumbnail and horribly removes the kill count logo,” expressed SaintJOS03, who originally shared the bizarre similarities between the DeadMeat upload and the classic movie.

As of now, it seems as if YouTube has removed the movie from their platform following the controversy around the thumbnail but has not responded on the issue as of yet.