Ice-T blasts fan mocking him for using comic sans font on Twitter

Filip Krawanski
Ice-T posing for a picture

Rapper Tracy Lauren Marrow, better known as Ice-T, had some harsh words for Twitter users criticizing him for using a comic sans font in one of his Tweets.

Ice-T had an interesting interaction with a Twitter user after his Tweet on March 28 that read: “bonus cold fact,” with an attached image captioned “the illusion of “options” really got ya’ll out here fumbling genuine people.”

Minutes later user @trashcompact_ called out Ice-T about the fact that the font featured in the image was “Comic Sans,” which has become quite infamous around the internet for various reasons.

However, T clapped back with a harsh reality check that he simply doesn’t “give a f**k,” about fonts before also calling the Twitter user a “weirdo.”

Ice-T makes a hilarious response to a fan mocking him

Ice-T’s hilariously vulgar response to such a nitpick went semi-viral, with many fans siding with the rapper.

“If a fact is cold the font shouldn’t matter,” wrote one user. While another fan simply wrote an approving: “get his ass, king.”

Other users were so in love with the quote that they decided to make it into a professional-looking image, featuring Ice-T and the quote in white, on a black background.

On the other hand, few people went against Ice-T’s beliefs, claiming he is undermining the importance of a proper and good-looking font.

“Nobody’s too hard for a good font, nobody,” reads one such comment. Another font defender also voiced his opinion, writing: “Rare Ice L, fonts rule.”

The feud between Ice-T and Comic Sans haters is not at all that serious, but it did provide some light relief. Don’t expect him to change it any time soon though.