Ibai reveals how he really felt during Messi Twitch interview

Ibai Messi interviewIbai/Youtube

Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos has revealed he was more than a little nervous when he got to interview the one and only football legend Lionel Messi.

Ibai has become one of the top streamers on Twitch as a whole, and his exclusive interviews with some of the top football stars in the world doesn’t hurt his growth either.

It was this access that was the focus of a New York Times report on the streamer on September 15. Here, the streamer revealed how it felt to meet the man who’s arguably the biggest name in sports today.


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Anyone would understandably have some nerves meeting Messi, let alone interviewing him on Twitch for tens of thousands of viewers, and according to Ibai, it was close to overwhelming.

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“It was a bit like having vertigo,” Llanos was quoted in the Times discussing the meet and greet on Twitch. Considering how massive of an opportunity it was, it’s no surprise Ibai was feeling starstruck a bit.

That wasn’t the first time the two had met though; the streamer also attended Messi’s Barcelona going away party, which the superstar mentioned in the later interview.

After Ibai jokingly asked if he had eaten too much at the party, the newly-minted PSG player said he had behaved “very well,” hardly eating anything.

Timestamp at 8:40 for mobile viewers.

“I don’t know if you eat a lot or a little, that day you didn’t eat anything,” Messi told the streamer. “I don’t know if it was the nerves or what it was.”

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Ibai’s association with Messi and other top footballers is, as you might expect, doing wonders for his numbers on Twitch and YouTube. For example, over 2 million people tuned into watch his co-stream of Messi’s first match with PSG.

Now that he’s been to the top of the mountain, and felt like it too, we’ll have to see if Ibai manages to be a little more cool calm and collected the next time he meets Messi, or any other big-name footballer.