Spanish streamers are taking over Twitch: ibai, auronplay & more dominate

Spanish Twitch streamers ibai and auronplay in front of spanish flagTwitch, Twitch: ibai, auronplay

As Twitch continues to grow, it turns out the Spanish speaking content creators are topping the fastest growing streamer charts. 

Despite a rocky few weeks for Twitch in the wake of the “A Day Off Twitch” boycott, the entertainment platform continues to dominate its competitors.

As we see the likes of Asmongold skyrocket in popularity once more in the English sphere, it turns out that some of the biggest names on Twitch hail from a very different part of the world.

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Spanish speaking Twitch stars have seen a huge growth throughout September, and they’ll be rivialling the platform’s dominant language if they continue on this upward trajectory.

A Day off Twitch movement logoTwitter: RekItRaven
A Day Off Twitch took place on September 1, 2021, and saw thousands of creators refuse to stream.

Spanish streamers are dominating Twitch stats

A recent report from TwitchMetrics has revealed that seven of the top ten “fastest growing Twitch streamers” for September, 2021, are Spanish.

Aside from Apex Legends star iiTzTimmy, Just Chatting streamer ibabyrainbow, and the official Genshin Impact Twitch channel, every other content creator is Spanish.

Iconic streamer ibai leads the pack with a 754,177 follower increase, which can likely be attributed to his fun-filled content featuring football legend Lionel Messi. Beneath him in second, we have Minecraft streamer Auronplay with 583,375 new followers, and juansguarnizo takes fourth spot with 441,627.

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Considering that Twitch is primarily known to cater towards an English speaking audience, this growth is absolutely staggering.

Ibai Twitch streamerTwitch: Ibai
Ibai leads the Spanish Twitch revolution with an insane follower increase.

When put into context, though, this really isn’t all that surprising. According to language learning website Babbel, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world with around 471 million native speakers. English, in comparison, is the third most spoken language, with a projected 370 million native speakers.

Considering that the platform does cater to a global audience, it’s therefore not really a shock that Spanish streams are beginning to rise in prominence.

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Will they continue to surge in follower count, though, or is this just a one off? Only time will tell.

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