Hydro Flask shades Stanley cups over lead content concerns

Michael Gwilliam
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The water bottle wars have begun. Hydro Flask has thrown shade at Stanley after health concerns about lead content in their cups were raised.

Stanley cups have taken over the market, becoming a cultural phenomenon with everyone and their grandmother fighting to get their hands on the product at Target.

However, the Stanley tumblers have recently faced backlash over health concerns when a TikToker found lead in her cup, sparking panic from those who have been using them.

Despite the concerns over Stanley cups being made with lead, they are safe to use, but that didn’t stop rival company Hydro Flask from taking advantage of the confusion to blast their opposition.

Hydro Flask burns Stanley tumblers lead backlash

In a statement on Instagram, Hydro Flask took aim at Stanley with a series of posts about how their products don’t contain lead.

“There’s a lot of conversation happening right now around lead. We want to assure you that Hydro Flask does not use lead in our vacuum sealing process,” the company said.

Hydro Flask further explained that in 2012 they began sealing their bottles using a new process that didn’t involve any lead and have been using it for over a decade.

“Even though this process was more complex – and more expensive – we chose this path because we aimed for a higher standard, knowing lead could be harmful to our consumers, manufacturing partners and the environment.”

The final slide of the post doesn’t reference Stanley by name, but users could tell exactly who it was geared towards with the sharp words: “We aim for a higher standard.”

Across social media, fans rallied behind Hydro Flask, but many were baffled by the new feud between companies.

“Did not have water bottle wars on my Bingo card for 2024,” one remarked.

“Holy crap the water bottle beef is real,” another commented on the thread.

So far, Stanley hasn’t responded to the shade, but the company has defended itself against concerns of lead poisoning, confirming the product meets all US regulatory requirements.

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