How to watch Twitch $50k PogChamps Chess event: Stream, schedule, more

A number of Twitch stars have been trying their hand at Chess in the Chess.Com PogChamps event. Here is everything you need to know about who is playing and how you can watch along with the action.

While Twitch is usually home to the top-level gaming action, there are plenty of subcategories for viewers and streamers to explore. In recent weeks, the Chess category has been booming as a number of Grandmasters like Hikaru Nakamura and Benjamin Finegold have picked up momentum on Twitch.

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As a result, Chess.Com have been holding their $50,000 PogChamps tournament with a number of big streamers taking part. Here’s what you need to know. 

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xQc has been getting checkmated in a tiny number of moves in Chess.

Who is playing in the PogChamps event?

The PogChamps event got underway back on June 5 with a wide variety of streamers getting involved. Hugely popular Twitch streamers xQc, Yassuo, NymN, Forsen, BoxBox, NateHill, and Fuslie have been joined by other broadcasters Erobb, Hutch, moistCr1tikal, xChocobars, Papaplatte, Swiftor, Sliker, and Ludwig. 

As a result, the Chess.Com event streams have become some of the most popular on Twitch, with Hikaru and other grandmasters commentating on the action – while also offering up some advice to the streamers afterward games.

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Chess PogChamps stream

As noted, the stream is where you can find the main broadcast with Hikaru and his fellow grandmasters giving insight during games. Though, the streamers have been using their own channels as well.

You can find the main broadcast embedded below so you don’t have to move a muscle if you actually want to watch the games.

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As of writing, the event’s group stage has almost come to its conclusion, with a championship and consolation bracket in the offing once the groups have been finished. 

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Group’s B, C, and D have two games left each with the first getting underway at 9 pm BST/4 pm EST/1 pm PST/10 pm CEST and the second at 10 pm BST/5 pm EST/2 pm PST/11 pm CEST. 

Date Game Time
June 12 moistCr1tikal vs yassuo 1 pm PST
June 12 xQc vs Hutch 2 pm PST
June 13 NymN vs Forsen 1 pm PST
June 13 xChocobars vs ItsSliker 2 pm PST
June 14 Papaplatte vs boxbox 1 pm PST
June 14 Ludwig vs Swift0r 2 pm PST

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Players have the chance to earn some cash for their efforts – no matter how poorly they may have done. The four group winners will each net themselves $1,000 with the remaining $36,000 split between the championship and consolation brackets. 

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Championship Bracket: 8 players, $30,000 prize pool

  • PogChamps Winner: $10,000
  • 2nd Place: $6,000
  • Semifinalist (2): $3,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $2,000

Consolation Bracket: 8 players, $16,000 prize pool 

  • 1st Place: $4,000
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • Semifinalist (2): $2,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $1,250

As the event comes to its conclusion on June 19, you’ll be able to find final placements on Dexerto and see how your favorite streamer got on with their competitive Chess exploits.

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