How to Watch the KSI vs Logan Paul Full Fight Replay and Highlights

Calum Patterson

Viewers who paid for the official live stream can now watch the full fight replay from the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, as well as Deji vs Jake Paul.

After an eventful evening of boxing took place on August 25, with a reported 800,000 tuning in to the official stream and over a million watching pirated streams on other sites, the main bout ended in a draw.

There is plenty of debate over whether it was the right decision or not, but if you paid for the official live stream on YouTube, you can always go back and watch the stream in full.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way to watch the fight back in full (officially) other than going to the KSI vs Logan pay-per-view broadcast.

For highlights of the match, numerous YouTube channels are uploading their own edits of the fight with highlight sections.

However, just as Jake Paul mentioned before the event, these videos are being quickly removed for copyright infringement by the copyright holders who organized the fights.

Presumably, considering every fighter involved was in some way a YouTuber, there will be videos up on their personal channels soon, once the copyright holders allow it.

The previous fight, between KSI and Joe Weller, has since racked up over 30 million views on YouTube, and considering the added attention on this most recent boxing event, it should pull in even more rewatches.

There is also the small matter of the rematch, between KSI and Logan Paul, expected to take place in February 2019.