How to get new Twitch Monthly Recap for streamers and subscribers

Calum Patterson
Twitch Monthly recap feature

Twitch has rolled out a new feature called Monthly Recaps, similar to their annual recaps at the end of each year, but you’ll need to be a subscriber to certain channels for these monthly versions. Here’s how the monthly recaps work, and where to find them.

Twitch is putting more emphasis on community building, to grow the connection between streamers and their viewers, through various new features like polls and channel points.

One of the latest additions is monthly recaps, which operate as another kind of bonus for subscribing to a channel, on top of sub badges and ad-free viewing.

The feature is still being rolled out though, so is not yet available for every affiliate or partnered streamer.

New Twitch Recaps

On June 2, some Twitch users will have received emails notifying them that a recap was available for one of the channels they are subscribed to.

“A new perk for subscribers, your Monthly Recap shows you personalized stats on select channels such as top clips, most spammed emotes, and more,” the email explains. “It’s just one more way to relive time well spent with your favorite creators and communities.”

However, even if you didn’t get this email, it’s still possible to check out a monthly recap for a streamer you’re subbed to. Right now though, Twitch says it’s only available for “select channels.”

Where to find Twitch Monthly Recaps

  1. On desktop, click on your profile picture in the top right corner
  2. Select ‘subscriptions’ – You will see a list of your active subscriptions
  3. If any of the streamers have monthly recaps available, you will see a ‘Your Monthly Recap‘ option

Twitch monthly recap

What are Twitch Monthly recaps?

Featured in these recaps are simply stats about that streamer for the month, such as how long they have streamed for, how many chat messages were sent, and their most popular emote.

There is also a section for the most popular clips from that month, so you can relive some of the best moments you may have missed.

But, Twitch says they are listening to feedback on this new feature too. You can share your thoughts on the monthly recaps here, such as suggesting other stats that could be added.

For more information, Twitch has an FAQ on Monthly Recaps here.

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