HighDistortion explains why he left TSM

Highdistortion / tsm

Popular Fortnite streamer HighDistortion has revealed why he has separated from Team SoloMid, since joining the esports organization in January 2018. 

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HighDistortion has amassed a massive following of over 1.6 million on his Twitch channel, much of which was during his time on TSM, particularly for his streams on Epic Games’ Fortnite, being the first player to reach 100,000 kills.

However, the popular esports organization announced that they would be releasing the Fortnite star from their roster after almost two years, along with three other battle royale players.

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TSMTSM is known for their star studded Fortnite roster including stars such as Myth, Daequan and Hamlinz.
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TSM announced that they would be releasing a mix of their battle royale pros, which included Kaysid, ProdigyAces, Wintrrz, and HighDistortion, into free agency on October 17, only days after the Fortnite Chapter 2 was released.

The North American organization thanked their former players in a short blog post, highlighting each of their contributions to the fan-favorite esports organization and wished them luck in their future opportunities.

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“Today, we are sad to announce the departures of ProdigyAces, Kaysid, Wintrrz, and HighDistortion. We wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors. Thank you for everything.”

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HighDistortion also reflected on his time with Team SoloMid after the split and revealed his reasoning for not sticking with his former team.

The Twitch star explained that a disagreement over a new contract with TSM is ultimately what caused it to fall through, adding, “Minor differences of opinion on both sides for a new contract agreement.”

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The popular streamer has been known for being vocal on unfair contracts in the past and has shared his wisdom with other rising players who managed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in early April.

Although it is unknown what is next for HighDistortion, he has hinted at some new opportunities for him that are in the works with his announcement that he may reveal soon.