Hbomb94 roasts overprotective GeorgeNotFound stans hating on JustaMinx

Alan Bernal
georgenotfound minecraft
GeorgeNotFound / JustaMinx

There’s drama in the Minecraft community again after JustaMinx sent a compliment toward GeorgeNotFound, stirring up dissent among his stans. Then HBomb94 roasted the overprotective fans and inflamed the discussion even further.

GeorgeNotFound is a regular in the Dream SMP server and frequently streams with friends like Dream, BadBoyHalo and more. He’s been making videos for years and has steadily amassed nearly eight million subscribers on YouTube and 2.4 million followers on Twitter.

But fans can get wildly protective of their favorite content creators, which is exactly what happened when YouTuber JustaMinx hit up George on Twitter – and the stans were not happy.

“GeorgeNotFound you look cute with glasses,” she said to him. This immediately drew the ire of George’s fanbase, who set their sights squarely at Minx.

As such, the YouTuber drew a ton of scorn and a litany of quote-retweets of people protective of George. Some were memes, some were reminders of recent drama Minx was embroiled in, and others were harshly worded rebukes at the idea of George and Minx mingling.

Her tweet to George garnered over a thousand comments and even more QRTs that had attracted stans of all kinds.

Then HBomb94 got into the discussion by mocking the “George get behind me” trend seen in the comments, and that didn’t sit well with the people involved.

“If your side is trying to protect a 24-year-old man by quote retweeting cringy and toxic things making people dislike his fans/stans and also overreacting to me making a stupid dnd joke we do, yeah I’m not on that side,” HBomb94 said after people were questioning whose “side” he was on.

While GNF fans have their concerns about him interacting with Minx due to past comments and controversies, HBomb94 found the humor in stans being so toxic in their disapproval.

Critics within the community also found the vitriol amusing, but were disappointed that the Minecraft stans’ bad side is shining through, once more.