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Hasan explains why he doesn’t read Twitch donations & subs after leak backlash

Published: 11/Oct/2021 16:13

by Jacob Hale


Hasan is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, and he’s explained why he refuses to read out Twitch donations and subs after backlash to his figures in the Twitch earnings leak.

The leak was a huge one, breaching the source code for the Amazon-owned streaming service with over 120GB of data. The main leak of interest, though, was the total earnings for streamers over the past two years.

Hasan himself featured pretty high on the list, coming in 13th ahead of the likes of Asmongold, Tyler1 and Castro.

The list saw him earning $2.8m between August 2019 and October 2021, and due to his political output on the platform, immediately came under fire for it.


Hasan looks annoyed during his Twitch stream.
Twitch: Hasan
It’s been revealed that Hasan made over $200,000 in September, placing him 13th in the top Twitch streamers by revenue.

Facing backlash for how much money he earns is not something new to Hasan. Earlier in 2021, he was under scrutiny after buying a house in Hollywood that cost just short of $3m, saying that everyone needs to “collectively calm down.”

With the leak came even more outrage, and Hasan spoke a bit about the problem. “None of the people that are upset at me have ever watched me,” he explained. “If you did, you would know this is something that I acknowledge. This is something that I openly show in an effort to be as transparent as possible.”

He then responded to the idea that he’s “banking on parasocial relationships,” explaining why that’s not the case. “I don’t read donations. I don’t read subscriptions… If you want to interact with me, you write in the chat. It’s the most democratic way possible. All you need to do is follow.”


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While Hasan does still allow donations and subscriptions, it’s clear he doesn’t want viewers to be able to buy his attention in his Twitch stream.

That said, he still receives donations and subscriptions in abundance, and that’s exactly how he’s been fortunate enough to place so highly on the Twitch leaked payouts list.