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HaChubby loses her mind over surprise $2,000 Twitch donation

Published: 25/Aug/2020 22:34

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Korean Twitch streamer ‘HaChubby’ couldn’t believe her eyes after receiving a massive donation during a dinner outing, which had a hilarious message attached just for the occasion.

HaChubby is a massively popular presence on Twitch, known for her hilarious on-stream antics, heartwarmingly supportive fanbase and adventurous IRL broadcasts that often feature other internet personalities.

Due to her popularity, it comes as little surprise that HaChubby rakes in quite an impressive amount in donations via her Twitch viewers — but even she wasn’t ready for the huge amount of cash dropped by an extremely generous fan.


The streamer was eating out at a pizza parlour on August 25 when a viewer donated a whopping $2,051.63, asking her to “Order the gorgonzola pizza, enjoy it!”

HaChubby poses for a selfie.
Instagram: hachubbytv
HaChubby is a massively popular streamer on Twitch, boasting over 224k followers due to her hilarious IRL broadcasts.

Seeming to not believe her eyes, HaChubby’s mouth opened in shock, with the streamer jumping up and down in excitement.

“What the f**K?” she exclaimed, seemingly asking her chat for answers — a humorous response in the middle of a seemingly high-class pizza joint, as told by the smooth jazz playing over the loudspeakers and dim mood lighting.

“Sorry — people are watching me, I’m sorry!” she apologized, running a hand through her hair.


Even HaChubby’s chat couldn’t seem to parse the situation, mimicking her “WTF” moment and seeming to question the odd amount that had been donated.

This isn’t the first time HaChubby has received a ludicrous amount in cash donations, by far; in fact, she was gifted a whopping $1,000 in June of last year, with the donator asking her if she needed a laptop.

That’s not all; the donator even threw in an additional $600 for good measure, telling her to “get a very good laptop.”

While plenty of streamers have gotten incredible donations over the years, none react as wildly as HaChubby, making for a series of feelgood moments that make us wish we were top-tier streamers (although we have to ask that you please don’t donate your rent money to broadcasters, like this poor guy apparently did for Pokimane — much to the chagrin of his wife).