H3H3’s Ethan Klein reveals why David Dobrik hasn’t addressed NFT “scam” backlash

H3H3 podcast host Ethan Klein has revealed why David Dobrik hasn’t addressed his NFT “scam” controversy, claiming that Dobrik’s legal team is advising him against releasing his podcast with FaZe Banks discussing the situation.

YouTube star David Dobrik is one of the platform’s biggest creators with over 18M subscribers amassed from his wacky videos. However, once considered the king of YouTube vlogging, he’s come under fire as many others have for his involvement with an NFT scam.

In March 2022, the popular vlogger was called out by FaZe Banks for his involvement in a “$6M scam”, where he was paid to promote Bored Bunny NFTs. Banks even revealed at the time that he was offered $500-750k to promote the same project, but turned it down.

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David invited the FaZe Clan co-owner onto his VIEWS podcast to discuss the situation. However, the episode has yet to see the light of day.


During the April 22 episode of the H3 podcast, Ethan Klein noted that David Dobrik’s podcast with FaZe Banks discussing his alleged NFT “scam” never even aired.

“You guys may remember FaZe Banks went on David Dobrik’s podcast and confronted him for this crypto scam that he was a part of. They had a whole long discussion about it, it was about a month ago but it never came out,” said the H3H3 host.

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He continued, adding that he even messaged Banks to ask about the podcast that didn’t go public and read out the response: “He said it was unfortunately cut, he told me his legal couldn’t let it go out the way it is. He said it sucks too because they had a candidate interview about it, but we’re working on a reshoot.”

(Timestamp at 2:38:55)

Following the accusations of the alleged scam, Banks revealed that the YouTube vlogger is planning to pay back the $100,000 he earned for promoting the failed NFT project by “redistributing that money back into the ecosystem.”

With the two working on “reshooting” the podcast, it’s likely we’ll see the conversation between the two discussing the situation at some point.

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