Guinness World Records responds after YouTubers get random copyright strikes

Dylan Horetski
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Days after Ducky revealed that he received a copyright strike from Guinness World Records, the company finally responded to the YouTuber’s appeal.

On July 28, 2023, Ducky revealed in a post on Twitter that Guinness World Records issued a manual copyright strike on a four-year-old YouTube video of his.

After doing some investigating, he found out that it was due to the use of their iconic logo in the thumbnail for the video, which had 200,000 views at the time of the strike.

Just days later on August 3, 2023, Ducky revealed that GWR had finally responded to his attempts to appeal the strike, stating that it was all a mistake.

GWR reponds after Ducky & others get YouTube strikes

In the update post on Twitter, Ducky revealed that the company issuing copyright strikes wasn’t something that happened on purpose, and they will work towards removing his copyright strike.

“Guinness World Records contacted me and let me know that the strike was a mistake due to an automated system, and that they’ve sent in a request for the strike to be removed,” he said.

“Have to give props to them for a quick turnaround in getting this situation fixed.”

Ducky wasn’t the only big-name YouTuber to get hit with a copyright strike from the company, either. LazarBeam, one of the most iconic Fortnite content creators on the internet, revealed just a couple of days after Ducky’s tweet that he had also been hit with a copyright strike.

“Guinness world records making the psychopathic decision to strike YouTube videos that mention ‘world record’ or use their logo in thumbnails. Video was 5 years old with 26 million views,” he said.

“Probably legally allowed to do this but its still sad behaviour”

It’s unknown if GWR has contacted Lazar about his copyright strike like they have Ducky, but it’s safe to say he’s looking to get it removed from his channel.

We’ll update you if Guinness World Records makes a public statement or we hear anything else from Lazar, Ducky, or any other YouTubers that may have been affected by the automated strike.

In the meantime, you can head over to our entertainment section for more news and other viral stories.

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