George Janko confirms he hasn’t left Impaulsive despite launching new podcast

George JankoYouTube: George Janko

YouTuber George Janko has confirmed that he’s not leaving Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast as co-host despite having just launched a podcast of his own.

Ever since Impaulsive launched back in 2018, Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko have become some of the most popular podcasters in the world.

Logan and George recently had a bit of a spat regarding religion, leaving many to wonder if the two’s long-term friendship would survive, even after Logan issued an apology.

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George has since launched his own podcast but made it clear that he’s still a part of Impaulsive and friends with Logan Paul.

George Janko confirms he hasn’t left Impaulsive

On January 19, George uploaded the first episode of his new podcast alongside friend and co-host Greg Lindsay.

After quickly bringing up the fact he wasn’t on the latest Impaulsive episode, George confirmed he’s still a part of the show.

“Obviously I’m still on Impaulsive guys, for any of you guys that are like ‘Oh, their beef situation and now he’s starting his own [podcast].’,” he explained.

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“I decided to do this less than 20 hours ago and the reason was this. We had a lot of content lined up for 2023 and right after we shot it I was like ‘This isn’t me bro I wanna focus on things I care about.'”

(Topic starts at 1:40 in the video)

George went on to explain that he’s had to hold back some of his thoughts on Impaulsive lately, and wants to have a place where he can share them more freely.

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He also explained that this new podcast is “never going to get to Impaulsive levels” and is doing his own thing so he doesn’t “corrupt the flow of Impaulsive.”

Impaulsive has had a wide variety of guests throughout the years, including The Chainsmokers and Markiplier.

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