The Chainsmokers reveal truth about Benny Blanco & Charlie Puth TikTok ‘feud’ on IMPAULSIVE

The Chainsmokers reveal truth behind benny blanco and charlie puth feudYouTube: Impaulsive

Musical duo ‘The Chainsmokers’ have revealed the truth behind the viral TikTok ‘feud’ between Benny Blanco and Charlie Puth on an episode of IMPAULSIVE with Logan Paul. 

Alongside the growing pool of TikTok creators going viral every single day are a variety of mainstream celebrities, with a large amount of them being musicians using the app as a tool to promote their latest release.

Two of those creators are Benny Blanco and Charlie Puth. Benny is an award-winning record producer and according to him, he probably wrote your favorite pop song. Charlie gained viral popularity as a singer after teaming up with Wiz Khalifa for the song ‘See you Again’ as a tribute to Paul Walker.

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While Puth was promoting the impending release of his song ‘Light Switch,’ Benny started a ‘feud’ with the singer on TikTok that fans all over the world believed was real as it received millions of views across all of the videos.

On a March 29 episode of IMPAULSIVE, The Chainsmokers — Alex Pall and Andrew Taggert — revealed the truth behind the viral videos, stating that they heard about it from Charlie Puth himself.

BennyBlancoCharliePuth TikTok FeudTikTok: ItsBennyBlanco, CharliePuth
Throughout the months leading up to the release of Lightswitch, Benny Blanco and Charlie Puth had a ‘feud’ where they went back and forth with videos.

The Chainsmokers on the viral TikTok ‘feud’

While the group was talking about how Logan and KSI put themselves out there for the release of Prime Hydration, the topic shifted to an interaction that George Janko had with Benny Blanco.

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George revealed that he told Blanco that he loved how he kept “s***ting” on Charlie Puth – which then brought up the topic of their viral TikTok feud.

Alex turned to Andrew and said: “The Charlie Puth thing was not real, it was all just a joke right?” Seconds later, Andrew replied: “I don’t think we can expose that here.”

(Topic starts at 48:20 in the video)

However, Taggert went on to explain: “Okay, So Charlie told me it wasn’t real. He said they’re close friends.”

The Chainsmokers are one of the most popular electronic musicians in recent days and just released their latest single ‘iPad’ on March 11, 2022.

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At the time of writing, the YouTube video has been watched over four million times.