Fortnite streamers call for Clix ban to be lifted as #FreeClix trends on Twitter

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After being banned from Fortnite, Clix claims his suspension is unjust, and he isn’t alone; popular streamers like SypherPK and BenjyFishy have joined his cause, using the hashtag #FreeClix to protest the ban.

Pro Fortnite player Cody “Clix” Conrod was banned by Epic Games for “teaming up” with a stream sniper, in the Fortnite Champion Series. Week 2 of the Majors concluded on April 23 with the NA and European regional finals.

Clix was competing in the North American Week 2 finals of Major 2. The victors of these Majors will advance to participate in Major 3 and a LAN event with a $10 million prize pool, held in Copenhagen later this year.

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Clix ban screen in-gameClix
Last night Clix got banned for allegedly “teaming up” with a Stream Sniper

However, during a match, another player started ‘stream sniping’ Clix, and to prove it, he began requesting that his opponent drop him items. Due to Clix therefore colluding with the player, he was banned from the game for 14 days.

Clix felt the ban was unfair because he was merely trying to make a point to his viewers about a stream sniper. He created a Twitter campaign called #FreeClix, which drew the backing of other Fortnite streamers.

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Stream Sniper texting Clix on Twitter after banClix
The alleged Stream Sniper who claims to be the No. 1 Clix hater, texted him an apology after the ban

SypherPK, Chica & more streamers call out Epic Games to lift Clix’s Fortnite ban

As a consequence of his ban from Fortnite, Clix tweeted a link to a replay of the incident, demonstrating his innocence and asking Epic Games to reinstate him after three days rather than the 14 days that would cause him to miss the entire FNCS 2023.

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Famous Fortnite creator SypherPK argued that Clix’s two-week ban was “too much” because the “teaming up” ploy was “in the heat of the moment”.

Chica, a Puerto Rican Fortnite streamer, also called for the ban to be lifted.

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GXR pro Reddysh weighed in on the debate by tweeting that Clix’s punishment was unjust because the stream sniper had singled him out for the duration of the match. They also pointed out that the stream sniper’s bio includes the phrase “Nr. 1 Clix Hater”.

Clix’s fans are also active on Twitter, with over 14,000 tweets using the hashtag #FreeClix, making it a trending topic. Since Epic hasn’t commented on the controversy, fans are holding out hope that the Fortnite pro’s suspension will be restored in time for him to participate fairly in the next Major 3 at FNCS 2023.

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