Former Twitch stream mod arrested amid allegations of harassment by popular WoW personality

Twitter: Nalipls

After a harrowing time dealing with a moderator turned stalker, the accused harasser of WoW streamer ‘Nalipls’ has been arrested.

Back in January of this year, Canadian Twitch streamer ‘nalipls’ went public with a terrifying series of screenshots and images detailing an extreme and intense level of harassment allegedly leveled at her by a moderator of her chat.

Facing swatting, death threats, doxxing, and more, the WoW streamer had an extremely persistent stalker make active attempts at ruining her life, resulting in a failed restraining order after a GoFundMe was raised for legal fees.

Now the accused stalker, revealed to be a former Los Angeles World Airport Police officer named Evan Baltierra, has been arrested after involvement from the FBI.

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This disturbing message is just one in a long chain of threats posted by Nali from Evan.

On Twitter, Nali retweeted the US Attorney L.A’s official statement on the proceedings. A link to an extensive document with a full recount of the situation from top to toe.

The tweet itself read “Orange County man arrested on federal stalking charge alleging multiyear harassment campaign against prominent online gamer.”

The affidavit posted goes into great detail surrounding what was found at Evan’s home and the level to which he had been allegedly harassing Nali.

“In March 2022, law enforcement executed a search warrant at Baltierra’s residence and seized several items, including a thumb drive that contained many photoshopped nude images with the victim’s face on them, and evidence on Baltierra’s iPhone of email accounts with which he used to send the victim harassing messages.”

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The affidavit closes out with the information that Baltierra is charged with one count of stalking. Which, if convicted, means the alleged stalker would face a statutory maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.

After withdrawing from streaming due to the harassment, Nali’s Twitch account has not been used in two years. However, she did post on Twitter that “finding a job where I don’t have to interact with the general public has been a huge mental health buff.”

With harassment of female streamers a constant concern on Twitch, the precedent of jail time being set as a deterrent may hopefully lower the number of abusers streamers face in the future.

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