Former Meta recruiter claims they were making $190k a year without recruiting anyone

Liam Ho
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A former Meta recruiter took to TikTok to report that she was supposedly being paid 190k a year despite the company not looking to recruit anyone during her time there.

Tech giant Meta has dominated the social media space in the past, with social media applications such as Facebook and Instagram being incredibly popular. However, Meta has run into some problems recently with their budget, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced 10,000 layoffs were going to take place across the company.

It appears that a TikTok user wanted to provide some insight into what was going on at Meta, and wanted to express how she was being paid an absolutely insane amount of money, despite not doing anything.

TikTok user maddie_macho spoke further about her time at the tech giant on her TikTok, stating that she was “getting paid 190k to do nothing at Meta”. She further revealed that Meta didn’t have plans to hire anyone for the next 6-12 months at the time she was hired.

“What did we do all day? That is a great question. When I was working at Meta and I was a recruiter, and we weren’t expected to hire anybody for the first six months, even the first year. This is something they tell you when you start.”

Maddie was clearly a tad confused at this prospect, as she wondered why she wasn’t doing what the role required for the first 12 months. As such, she was more than happy to just chill at the company and be paid ridiculously high amounts of money, despite not needing to do hire anyone.

“That really blew my mind. I was like perfect, I’m just going to ride this out for a year. Obviously, I didn’t make that but, you know.

She explained that instead of having her hire new staff members, Meta spent a good amount of time on her onboarding and training.

“So what do you do all day? You’re learning. They have a really amazing onboarding and training… The expectation is that when you start is really that you’re just learning and taking it all in.”

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The TikTok came about at a time when Meta has announced mass layoffs.

She then finally expressed what she believed to be the craziest part about her time at Meta, which was the sheer amount of team meetings when no one else was hiring either.

“The crazy part is that we had so many team meetings. Why are we meeting? We aren’t hiring nobody… Also, I was on a team where everybody was new so none of us were hiring anybody. We were all just trying to figure out things. None of us knew the answers so we’d ask our boss and she’d be like ‘I don’t know’ cause she was new too.”

Meta has recently joined the trend of tech companies mass laying off staff, with an announcement of 10,000 employees being laid off just a week ago.