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The Mob reveal second 100 Thieves house worth $3 million

Published: 11/Sep/2020 10:33

by Kieran Bicknell


Having joined the 100 Thieves clan during 2019, things have been on the up ever since for content creators ‘The Mob’ and it seems they’ve leveled up their accommodation to match, revealing their new house. 

Costing $3m, the new “Mob house 2.0” was revealed on the 100 Thieves YouTube channel on September 11. With the motto being “new house, new us” it seems that The Mob has big plans on how to utilize the space to take their content to the next level.

Getting straight into their ideas, Froste explains how they’re going to turn the entrance room into the new “Mob Casino” complete with TV, photos, and a poker table “just like out of Grand Theft Auto” according to Avalanche.

Moving into the kitchen, Classify says how they have two microwaves “just to flex” – perfect for heating up those on-the-go mid-stream snacks.

100T Mob cash app lounge
YouTube: 100 Thieves
The ‘Cash App Lounge’ is one of the only furnished rooms in the house, complete with arcade games, green screen wall, and plenty of soft furnishings.

Introducing the ‘Cash App Mob Lounge’

Following the disastrous house tour by 100T CEO Nadeshot in 2019, the boys have gone around making sure all the doorknobs work – making a big point about it when opening up their larder. Hopefully, it will avoid any awkward broken door moments as seen in the last house.

One of the only complete rooms is the ‘Cash App Mob Lounge’ which is decked out with an NBA Jam machine, 100 Thieves x Cash App surfboard, a bright green wall, and “the main thing… a new couch!”

The green wall also functions as a working green screen, as demonstrated by Classify who had the film crew edit in explosions behind him… just because he can.

Upstairs in the house, the bedrooms for each individual Mob member have been kitted out, though there are definitely some questionable choices.

Questionable decor choices

Classify’s bedroom features a curtain that isn’t big enough to cover the window, Mako has a hole in the wall from a badly-hung painting, and Froste took two days to build a nightstand for the master bedroom.

Avalanche doesn’t escape the questionable decor choices though, stating his rug is “one of the worst I’ve ever bought” since it doesn’t fit correctly. His room is the only one on the ground floor, but with a fridge with “snacks on deck” and easy access to the kitchen, perhaps it was a smart choice of bedroom.

With plenty of decorating and furniture building to do, the new Mob House is shaping up to be one of the coolest content houses on YouTube.


How to use special fonts on Twitter

Published: 25/Oct/2020 23:08 Updated: 25/Oct/2020 23:10

by Charlotte Colombo


With 330 monthly active users and 145 million users daily, Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps out there. Whether you’re a casual user, business or even the US President, nobody can resist the allure of sharing snapshots of our thoughts within 260 characters.

There are many ways to show your personality through your Twitter account. Whether it be through a funny bio, pinned Tweet, interesting profile/cover photo or unique Twitter name, there are plenty of ways that you can make your Twitter account feel more like you.

However, one limitation that a lot of Twitter users note is the lack of fonts available. A lot of users find themselves stuck with Helvetica Neue, or even Arial if they’re really lucky.

brett jordan unsplash twitter
Unsplash: Brett Jordan
The easiest way to get custom fonts on Twitter is through third party websites.

While there is no quick fix within the app to use special fonts on Twitter, it is possible to use special fonts through the use of third-party websites or apps.

What websites are best for using special fonts on Twitter?

As with any third-party website, you should always be careful that the website you’re visiting is safe and isn’t full of malware and other potential risks to your device. Be wary of websites with a lot of pop-ups and redirects.

No third-party website is completely risk-free, but here are some of the most popular ones used by Twitter users to get access to special fonts:

  • LingoJam
  • FontsforTwitter
  • Fontvilla

How to use special fonts on Twitter

While individual third-party font websites vary slightly from one another, they all essentially work the same.

However, for this tutorial, we will specifically focus on LingoJam.

twitter phone
Unsplash: Szabo Viktor
A lot of these third party websites, like LingoJam, can be used on smartphones as well as desktops.
  1. Type the text you want to snazz up into LingoJam’s Fancy Text Generator, specifically in the box on the left-hand side that says ‘normal text goes here’.
  2. On the right hand side of the screen, you should see a box that displays your Tweet in a variety of different fonts. Scroll through this box to find the font you like the best.
  3. Highlight your Tweet in it’s chosen font, and then either click Ctrl/Command + C or simply right-click the text and select ‘copy’.
  4. Open Twitter and log into your account.
  5. Paste the text wherever you want to put it: this can be in your Bio – which you can access by clicking on the ‘Profile’ icon on the left-hand side, clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button, and then pasting the text into the box that says ‘Bio’ before pressing the ‘Save’ button – or as a Tweet, wherein you can simply paste the text into the ‘What’s happening?’ box on Twitter before pressing the ‘Tweet’ button.

So, there you have it. Now you can give your Tweets that extra edge and be the envy of all your friends!