Firefighters rescue Disney guests on “sinking” Pirates of the Caribbean ride

Firefighters rescue Disney guests on “sinking” Pirates of the Caribbean rideTIKTOK: justnjames_

A viral TikTok showed Disneyland guests getting rescued by firefighters, after they were stranded on a “sinking” Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

In a video captured by TikToker Justin (justnjames_) Disneyland visitors were seen crammed into boats, with their feet lifted up to avoid the water.

“POV: You’re stuck on the pirates ride at Disneyland and your boat is literally sinking,” he wrote over the clip, which has amassed 1.7 million views.

After an hour of sitting in the waterlogged boat, firefighters from the Disneyland Fire Department came to rescue the passengers from the sinking ride. They were able to help them off one-by-one using a makeshift wooden plank.

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“Disney fire department had to come and rescue us,” he said in the video. “After an hour of being stuck we finally got off. It was giving Six Flags energy.”

Justin captioned the viral TikTok: “It was a hot mess. Honestly thought we were gonna swim our way out of this.”

TikTok reacts to Pirates of the Caribbean ride sinking

In the comments, TikTok users were stunned by the incident.

“Love this ride but this is my biggest fear,” one user wrote.

“Biggest fear is getting stuck in the huge room with the boats firing at each other,” another added.

Others were amused that firefighters had passengers on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride walk a plank.

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“Damn full experience of pirates they even made you walk the plank,” one joked.

“Not y’all having to walk the plank,” another said.

One user wanted to know what the passengers received for compensation. Justin replied, “all they gave us was some $30 vouchers for socks and single lightning lanes.”

This isn’t the first time a malfunctioning ride has taken TikTok by storm. Previously, a viral video captured the terrifying moment a slingshot ride snapped and crashed.