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Fedmyster explains how Alinity slip-up got him banned on Twitch

Published: 1/May/2020 18:40 Updated: 1/May/2020 18:42

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan revealed his brief ban on May 1 was related to Alinity. The OfflineTV personality explained how the star’s wardrobe malfunction got him temporarily suspended.

The streamer’s second Twitch account ‘Fedmyster2’ received a ban on May 1, though the suspension was quickly lifted after the content creator appealed the punishment.

The OfflineTV producer opened up about the initial three-day suspension on social media, and explained to his followers how it was actually tied to Alinity’s slip-up during her April 24 broadcast.

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Fedmyster’s temporary Twitch ban

The streamer’s second account was issued a ban on May 1st. Not long after, the personality uploaded a message to his Twitter account to explain to his followers why he had received the infraction.


“Just a heads up, it appears I’ve been banned on FEDMYSTER2 for 3 days for “sharing content featuring n*dity.” He then revealed it was actually related to Alinity.

“Someone posted Alinity’s n**ple on twitter when I had it open. It was on for less than a second but it is what it is. Going to explore every option,” he tweeted.

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Thankfully for the streamer, the suspension was quickly lifted on the same day upon appeal. Fedmyster updated the situation on Twitter, stating, “Twitch has gone ahead and unbanned me” with a heart emoji.

Twitter: @fedmyster
The OfflineTV streamer updated followers that he had been unbanned.

Alinity kicked off a storm of controversy on April 24 when she had a wardrobe malfunction on camera. The streamer was later issued a 24-hour suspension on April 26.


Despite Fed’s ban only lasting two hours and 25 min, viewers were confused as to how his account could receive a lengthier ban than Alinity. User ‘n0tAndy’ exclaimed, “Not sure how his suspension can be longer than the person who actually broke TOS lol.”

Twitter: @Fedmyster
Twitch viewers were initially baffled by Fed receiving a longer ban than Alinity.

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Despite the initial uproar, the streaming platform moved quickly to resolve the situation. Fedmyster’s account was re-instated in record time, as the Amazon owned-company granted his appeal.

While the OfflineTV creator is allowed to stream again, this is the perfect example of how complex bans can sometimes become. Even something shown in the background can trigger a suspension.