FaZe Rug gets revenge against address “leaker” after pushing charges

FaZe Rug sitting in front of new houseTwitter: FaZe Rug

FaZe Clan YouTuber Brian ‘Rug’ Awadis has gotten revenge against a social media user who was leaking his address, with the ‘doxxer’ reportedly getting fined, arrested, and forced to shut down all social media accounts after the harassment.

Doxxing is a serious issue in the online community. Popular content creators are constantly having their personal information leaked, including their home addresses.

Having this information out in the open can have drastic consequences. Streamers have been “swatted” in the past, with people using their addresses maliciously to try and get the police to break into their house.

While “swatters” have been arrested and charged in the past, “doxxers” have often avoided the same fate. However, after having his address leaked, FaZe Rug took action to try and get revenge.

The streamer has had his address plastered all over the internet for years. However, a viral TikTok brought the information back into the limelight.

Segment begins at 3:15.

“A lot of people have been posting my address on TikTok, which is kind of messed up,” Rug said back in March. “Yeah, it got leaked back in the day, but to bring it [back] up and get it popping again ⁠— that’s where it kind of gets disrespectful.”

The TikTok reached 10 million views after being promoted on the “For You” section. Rug asked the poster to take it down, although they initially ignored the YouTuber’s request. Awadis then reached out on Instagram.

“I’m having random people actually come to my house because of it. You wouldn’t like that if it was happening to you, so out of respect, remove the video please,” he said in the private message. The poster replied saying they would take it down, but they re-uploaded it two days later.

Months later, Rug tweeted that he got a person who was leaking his address arrested. “Dude who’s been leaking my address just got arrested and fined $7,500, and all his social media [accounts] got taken down. Doxxing ain’t cool,” the FaZe star said on Twitter.

While it’s unclear as to whether it’s the same person he called out back in March, it’s a victory not just for Rug, but all content creators who have had their addresses leaked. Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, who was the target of a “swatting” back in 2018, celebrated for Rug.

“That’s good news, kids these days don’t understand how serious some of that sh*t is,” Tenney said.

The move could potentially set a precedent for other content creators to follow Rug’s steps. With there being legal consequences, people might think twice before putting private information of stars out there.