FaZe Cizzorz opens up about two-year hiatus from streaming after Twitch return

Alec Mullins
FaZe Cizzorz on two-year break

FaZe Cizzorz was one of the gaming community’s rising stars two years ago but that all came to a halt when he announced he was leaving the organization’s content house and put a pause on his streaming career as well.

Cizzorz was quite popular before taking a two-year hiatus from content creation. His YouTube channel had amassed 4 million subscribers and had built an impressive fan base from livestreaming on Twitch as well.

First rising to stardom through his unique Fortnite ‘Deathrun’ courses, he had also pulled in fans from games like Call of Duty and Rocket League, making him one of the best-known streamers in all of gaming.

While all of this was happening though, things weren’t exactly going perfectly for him in his personal life and now he has opened up about his decision to step away from it all for two years.

Why Cizzorz took a two-year-long break from streaming

In a Twitlonger posted on August 28, the young star opened up about the situation and the multiple rising tides that led him there.

As it turns out, there were a few issues that contributed to making him feel like the time was right to take a break and focus on more important things for a while.

“Long story short, my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I moved home to Minnesota to be close with family,” he said. “Also during this time I was going through extreme self-hatred and was not doing very well.”

He also mentioned that these issues are behind him now and that he’s enjoying the process again in his first few days of being back on Twitch. “Happy to say I’m back, feeling healthy and happy, and I’m loving streaming again. I hope to see you in a stream soon, thanks for your support over the years, I’m truly blessed.”

It’s easy to understand how roadblocks can get in the way of a job as demanding as full-time streaming can be, but now that he’s healthy again, there’s no question that fans will love having him back in the scene.