FaZe Banks reveals first look at “legendary” new FaZe Clan headquarters in LA

Brad Norton
FaZe Banks on Instagram
Instagram: Banks

FaZe Clan is the latest gaming organization to splurge on an enormous new facility as co-founder Ricky ‘Banks’ Bergstrom just revealed a first look at the upcoming FaZe warehouse in Los Angeles.

After years of relocating from one iconic gaming house to another, FaZe Clan is now set to take its next step. Following close behind fellow industry juggernauts like 100 Thieves and Team SoloMid, FaZe is next up to unveil a massive new facility based in Los Angeles.

While a few brief teasers have been scattered in recent videos, Banks peeled back the curtain on February 2. Fans on Instagram got an early look at what’s to come.

The “legendary” LA-based complex is still being set up ahead of a grand opening. But a quick walk-through with Banks showcased the enormity of this warehouse doubling as the future FaZe offices.

FaZe Adapt in new office
YouTube: FaZe Clan
FaZe Adapt was seen driving through a new facility at the start of the ‘Road to FaZe 1’ video.

“Sorry, but my office sh**ts on your office,” Banks joked as he gave fans a virtual tour of the facility. “The new FaZe warehouse is crazy.”

Featuring an open plan design, desks were seen sprawled out across the vast warehouse. Scattered between was everything from a team meeting area to a full-fledged bar.

Not only that, but there could even be a proper gym area featured in the new offices too, as Banks showed a bathroom area fit with lockers and showers for “the extra sweaty days.”

While only a few employees appeared to be working out of the space already, FaZe is still recruiting in the ‘web3’ industry to fill out each desk.

Mapping out the long-term plan, Banks teased this new facility will serve as the FaZe headquarters for “the next few years.”

There’s no telling how far off we might be from a full reveal video. Given the warehouse was still quite barebones in this early glimpse, fans could still be waiting a while for a more in-depth tour.

Keep your eyes peeled on social media for any new looks over the coming weeks.