Valkyrae “can’t believe” Addison Rae launched a blue light product after RFLCT

Valkyrae shocked by Addison Rae new skincare line 2YouTube: Valkyrae / Instagram: addisonraee

YouTube star Valkyrae said she’s “shocked” by Addison Rae launching a new blue light skincare line months after the controversy regarding her own, similar products.

Last year, streamer Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter went viral after launching a skincare line designed to protect the skin against the allegedly harmful effects of blue light from computers, phones, and other devices.

Despite the products’ powerful claims, Valkyrae’s skincare venture quickly came under fire as critics noted there’s not much conclusive evidence proving that blue light can be damaging.

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Rae eventually shut down the project. Her RFLCT line was removed from ULTA’s online store, and the brand’s official website was banished to the Shadow Realm.

Valkyrae-therapy-following-RFLCT-720x403YouTube: Valkyrae, RFLCT
Valkyrae’s RFLCT launch in fall 2021 was met with backlash, causing the YouTuber to eventually shut down the brand.

Months later, TikTok star Addison Rae launched a hauntingly similar product line within her already-existing Item Beauty repertoire. The reveal was instantly met with backlash, hearkening back to the drama surrounding RFLCT in October 2021.

Addison Rae with Screen Break.Sephora
Addison Rae’s ‘Screen Break’ skincare line boasts similar claims to Valkyrae’s now-defunct RFLCT brand.

Valkyrae initially commented on the matter via Twitter, claiming that she “wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same company” and even joked about rebranding to “just Valky.”

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She elaborated on her stance in a live stream the next day, claiming she was “shocked” by the reveal and wanted to reach out to Addison Rae to support her amid the ongoing controversy regarding her latest skincare venture.

Valkyrae offers Addison Rae advice amid blue light skincare launch

“I was shocked,” she admitted. “I kind of want to message her and be like, ‘Listen, hey girl. Rae to Rae, man. If you wanna vent to me, you know, is there something… you wanna talk about it?'”

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“I just can’t believe that this happened!” she continued. “I can’t believe it!”

Rae also admitted that her agent had initially warned her against saying anything regarding the line, as she’s still risking possible lawsuits after breaking her RFLCT contract.

Thus far, Addison hasn’t commented on the subject — probably because she’s busy taking some unique inspiration for her next big acting project.

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