Fans pay tribute as TikToker Taylor Jean Skromme dies at 22

Shay Robson
TikToker ninja.tay21 stood next to her Kawaski bike

Fans have begun paying tribute to TikTok star Taylor Jean Skromme who tragically died in a motorcycle accident at age 22.

Motorcyclist and TikToker Taylor Jean Skromme, known as Ninja.tay21 online, amassed over 100k followers on the short-form video platform from her entertaining biking clips before passing away on May 24.

As stated by the Florida Highway Patrol, Taylor and three other riders were heading home from their weekly “Bike Nite” when the four motorcyclists “collided into one another for an unexplained reason,” throwing them onto the road. 

An SUV then collided with the TikTok star as well as an unnamed 29-year-old motorcyclist who were both pronounced dead on the scene.

TikToker Taylor Jean Skromme on her Kawaski ZX6R 2009-12
TikToker Taylor Jean Skromme owned a Kawaski ZX6R as well as a BMW S 1000 RR.

The 22-year-old touched many with her fearlessness as she “liked to flirt with death,” according to an Instagram post in April.

On the evening before her death, the motorbike enthusiast posted her last TikTok – in which she mocked those claiming she would get herself killed riding her bikes.

Since passing, fans of the popular TikToker have paid their tributes. “This wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I’m so sorry we never got to meet, Taylor. Ride on in paradise,” one wrote.

“Rest In Peace. You will be missed and we hope you’re tearing the tracks up in heaven. Gone too soon,” another added.

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The TikToker’s death has gone viral again on June 10, when a Reddit post with close to 15,000 upvotes highlighted her last video, where she poked fun at critics who claimed the bike would lead to her death.

Family and friends will be gathering on June 17 at the McDonald Funeral Home in Rock Falls, Illinois. Aside from TikTok, fans can show their condolences online by visiting the McDonald Funeral Home website.