ExtraEmily “knocked out” Emiru during OTK’s game day

Filip Krawanski
ExtraEmily and Emiru on the ground during OTK's game day

OTK’s game day event featured the org members facing off against other streamers in a match of American football. During the game ExtraEmily collided with Emiru, leaving them both on the ground.

OTK’s game day is a new show hosted by the organization where members of it go up against other streamers in various physical team-based sports. Week 1 and 2 featured soccer and basketball respectively, and now week 3 of the weekly show featured American football.

During the match, ExtraEmily playing for the blue team was blocking Emiru playing for the red team when they were making a play.

When the ball passed over them, Emiru attempted to do a quick turn and run after it, but collided with Emily who accidentally struck her, resulting in both dropping to the ground.

Both teams quickly rushed in to assess the situation and determine if play could continue.

Emiru collides with ExtraEmily during OTK’s football match

It was quickly determined that despite falling to the ground in quite a dramatic manner, both streamers were uninjured and the game continued.

Fans of OTK and viewers of the show jokingly attribute it to the lack of physical abilities displayed by the streamers present during the show.

“Watching people who are athletically challenged try to run and throw a ball is both the funniest and saddest thing ever. Like spectating adult-sized toddlers with underdeveloped motor skills,” commented one user of r/LivestreamFail.

Other users joked about the fact that it was a collision between the two Emilys present on the field.

“There can only be one Emily,” joked another viewer. Followed by another similar comment reading: “Emily on Emily violence, you hate to see it.”

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