Joe Rogan explains to Mike Tyson why Jake Paul is a "genius" for trying to fight him - Dexerto

Joe Rogan explains to Mike Tyson why Jake Paul is a “genius” for trying to fight him

Published: 21/Apr/2022 16:47 Updated: 21/Apr/2022 19:32

by Lawrence Scotti


Podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan hopped on Mike Tyson’s podcast Hotboxin’ where he called Jake Paul a “genius” after Tyson teased a potential boxing match between the two.

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have been trading words about a potential fight for months now.

On March 29, Paul finally said he was ready to fight the former heavyweight great in an event that could be upwards of $300 million in total.

Now, Joe Rogan made an appearance on Mike Tyson’s podcast where the pair talked about the real possibility of a fight between Paul and Iron Mike.

Mike Tyson tells Joe Rogan about Jake Paul fight offer
A Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing match would be one of the biggest fights in years.

Joe Rogan calls Jake Paul a “genius”

During the podcast, Rogan explained just how big a Paul vs. Tyson fight would be.


“But my point is, that fight would be gigantic. Because, first of all, everybody would want to see, a good large percentage would want to see you knock his block off,” Rogan said to Tyson.

Rogan continued, “That would be most of the people buying, let’s be honest, no disrespect to Jake, but this is how he sells things, the kid is a genius. And he can f**king fight! The right hand that he knocked Tyrone Woodley out with? That’s real.”

Time starts at 1:10:00

Mike was excited by the thought of duking it out with Paul and shouted, “Let’s do it Jakey!”


Rogan put some respect on Paul’s name, as the YouTuber and former Disney channel actor has successfully crossed over into the world of boxing.

Though the podcaster recognized that most people would tune into a Tyson and Paul fight mostly to see Jake get punched, Joe admits that it’s a killer business strategy.