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Twitter begins roll out of officially verified NFT profile pictures

Published: 13/Jan/2022 13:09

by Jacob Hale


Twitter has finally started rolling out officially verified NFT profile pictures, putting right-click savers in the mud, and allowing owners to really flex their favorite jpegs.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have blown up tremendously in recent years. From a fringe corner of the internet, these digital pieces of artwork have become huge, with the most expensive NFTs selling for millions of dollars.

For many NFT owners, though, one of the perks of ownership is showing the community the pieces of art you own, comparing, and seeing what you like the most, very similar to traditional art.

The issue, however, has always been a lack of proof when it comes to NFTs online — but Twitter is helping to end that.


If you’ve seen any influencer online showcasing their latest NFT pickup, you’ll have seen countless users in the comments, reposting the image and making jokes saying “Now I own it too.”

After previously sharing that verified NFT profile pictures were coming, more and more users are now being given the option to update their picture.

As shown by the tweet below, certain users are starting to receive notifications in the Twitter app, introducing NFT profile pictures and allowing users to choose their NFTs.

How can I get a verified NFT profile picture?

Unfortunately, unless you’ve been given access by Twitter, you won’t be able to put make your profile picture an officially verified NFT.


That said, it’s clearly starting to roll out to more and more users, so it won’t be long before you can connect your Wallet and flex your NFT properly — and have the receipts to prove it.