Internet inspired after Neuralink patient posts using only his mind

Declan Mclaughlin

The first Neuralink patient, Noland Arbaugh, has inspired the internet by putting up his first post on social media using just his mind.

Arbaugh has been busy showcasing the capabilities of the Neuralink chip in his head since his surgery earlier this year. The paralyzed man reportedly spent hours playing Civilization IV once the technology got up and running, and has even streamed himself playing chess.

Arbaugh said during the stream that he essentially uses his mind to “move” the cursor on a computer to complete tasks and play games.

His most recent stunt was posting on social media. His X/Twitter account, which says it was created in 2018 and has not posted before, put out a post joking about how he is now a “bot.”

“Twitter banned me because they thought I was a bot, X and Elon Musk reinstated me because I am,” Arbaugh said.

Musk fanboys and health technology nuts alike said they were inspired by the post and the continued exponential growth the patient has been showing since the chip was implanted in his brain.

“You are an inspiration and hero Noland! And funny too,” one Musk fan said.

Others also joked about Arbaugh being the first “cyborg” to post on the social media website.

“Add this one to the history books. First tweet made possible using a wireless brain implant,” another social media user said.

Neuralink has been criticized in the past for its lack of transparency around its subjects and trials, including its testing on animals.

This new press rollout around Arbaugh is the first update the company has given about its test subject since Musk announced in January that he was “recovering well” from his surgery. Overall, it seems like the internet is loving Arbaugh, and can’t wait to see what else he can do with the implant.

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