Dr Disrespect gives mysterious response to huge YouTube Gaming deal rumors

dr disrespect on youtubeYouTube, DrDisrespect

Following platform moves from DrLupo and TimTheTatman, rumors have sparked about whether or not Dr Disrespect is going to get the same treatment as his colleagues. 

In June 2020, the streaming world was turned upside down when the Doc was suddenly removed from Twitch. After an extended hiatus, the Two-Time Champion started posting hints that he was making a comeback.

After an Instagram Live stream and a post from his YouTube channel, it became known that the revival of the Champions Club was imminent, and it was going to happen on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect on YouTube

With an August 6 tweet from Doc, he made it known that he was ready to come back to streaming full time.

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With his big reveal, many assumed that he had signed an exclusive contract with YouTube. However, with the recent announcements from DrLupo and TimTheTatman it has become apparent that it was a choice he made on his own.

Exclusive YouTube contract rumors

Following the recent news from his colleagues, Dr Disrespect has been met with questions and rumors regarding whether or not he will receive an exclusive contract with YouTube.

In his September 1 stream, the Doc received a donation from a viewer that was accompanied with a message: “When are you signing that massive, multi-billion dollar contract with YouTube?”

After reading the donation message, Doc hesitated before motioning his lips to be closed. After making it clear he couldn’t talk about it, he motioned behind him to a photo he had posted on social media the day before.

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The image features his likeness standing with purple-colored snakes, presumably signifying his rough relationship with Twitch and his ongoing lawsuit.

(Check out the clip at 5:29:50 in the video below)

While it is still unknown why he was banned from his old platform or when he is going to sign a deal with YouTube, it seems as Dr Disrespect has something up his sleeve to hopefully announce soon.