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Dr Disrespect finally apologizes for calling mobile fans “not real gamers”

Published: 24/Aug/2020 6:16 Updated: 24/Aug/2020 7:22

by Isaac McIntyre


Dr Disrespect has finally apologized for his infamous 2019 tweet suggesting anyone who plays games on mobile phones “aren’t real gamers,” more than 14 months after the controversial comment… but was he really sorry?

The Doc has built a career on barbed comments, poking fun at fellow streamers like Shroud and TimTheTatman, as well as the gaming industry as a whole. Recently, he even took aim at the scene’s “repetitive” marketing after Apex Legends dropped its highly-anticipated Season 6 trailer.

The newly-minted YouTube superstar was forced to roll back one of his most controversial takes, however, after he paired up with Fnatic’s Tanmay ‘Sc0ut’ Singh, a professional PUBG Mobile player, during his recent August 22 stream.


Dr Disrespect and Sc0ut were enjoying a series of duo-queue matches on Warzone when the Doc’s Champions Club reminded him of his 14-month old tweet. The Two-Time, seemingly a little sheepish about his comment, apologized to Fnatic’s mobile star soon after.

“Not sure if you ever saw my tweet…” Dr Disrespect said. “I just want to get ahead of the controversy about me saying that mobile gamers aren’t real gamers. It was a spur of the moment thing. I just want to make sure that I get ahead of it.”

Dr Disrespect may have finally rolled back his controversial take on mobile gamers.
Dr Disrespect may have finally rolled back his controversial take on mobile gamers.

Sc0ut didn’t seem phased; he didn’t even confirm if he had seen the comment. Instead, the Doc’s Aug. 22 stream partner replied the tweet was “completely fine”.


In true Dr Disrespect fashion, however, the YouTube star soon cast a small shadow of doubt over whether he actually had changed his mind on how “real” mobile gamers are since mid-last year.

One of the Doc’s fans asked him in a message, “Are you sorry?” The streaming star paused for only a second before making a declaration that seemed to totally go against his earlier apology: “Sorry for what? I don’t apologize.”

He did offer up an explanation behind why he’d never been converted by handheld gaming, however. “The one thing that bothers me, with mobile, is I’m putting my thumbs on the screen. I’m taking up space… I’d rather have [them] on the side.”


The related Sc0ut segment begins at 2:23:47 in the broadcast video below.

Dr Disrespect has been back to his imperious best on YouTube since his shock Twitch ban; he’s been drawing in hundreds of thousands of viewers every stream. The star hit more than 105,000 during his double-up broadcast with Sc0ut.

He’s also been doing more and more “team-ups” since his triumphant return. The Two-Time recently played with YouTube king PewDiePie on August 14. The pair went head-to-head in Fall Guys in front of more than 340k viewers.