Dr Disrespect explains why he “turned off” The Rings of Power

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YouTuber Dr Disrespect tried watching Amazon’s expensive new Lord of the Rings show ‘The Rings of Power,’ but revealed why he had to turn it off.

The Rings of Power has proven to be quite the controversial new series for Amazon with just two episodes currently out.

Amazon has put in place a 72-hour delay for reviews in order to combat what the company perceives as “review bombing,” but that hasn’t stopped folks from sharing their opinions on social media.

During a stream, banned Twitch star Dr Disrespect shared his thoughts on the Rings of Power and ultimately why he turned it off.

Dr Disrespect wants Rings of Power to be more like Dune

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Not everyone is loving The Rings of Power.

After stating he got half-way through the first Rings of Power episode, Doc said he was enjoying the show, but then something went awry.

“The production is really nice,” he began. “It started off dark and scary, which I kinda like, but then it got to this, ‘oh it’s a wonderful world’ and it got really soft and vibrant and colorful.”

According to the two-time, the show’s change in tone was just too much for him.

“It went from one degree to [another] and that’s when I turned it off. I’m sure if I had the patience to sit through it, I’ll get used to it and then you’re attached to these good people,” he added. “I think I was just too tired. I liked how it started, though. The production looks sick.”

Dr Disrespect went on to explain how he likes “serious tones” over a series becoming too whimsical.

“I just want everything to have the same type of tone as Dune,” he wished. “Because Dune is the mature, serious, darker tone of a movie. And it feels very mature because of it. I just want everything to have the same feel as Dune – soundtrack, cinematography, the scale of everything.”

Luckily for the two-time, there are still six more episodes of the Rings of Power to come, so hopefully, he the series can deliver in all the ways he wants it to.