Domino’s worker claims he was fired for “satirical” TikToks

Bill Cooney
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An employee at Domino’s was allegedly fired from the pizza chain after his less-than-flattering, behind-the-scenes TikToks went viral.

TikToker @peter.4fp went viral on the site after posting a series of videos where he tried to get fired from Domino’s.

Even though these were satirical, according to him, the company obviously didn’t feel the same way.

Fired after ‘trying to get fired’ videos go viral

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The TikToker began a series videos on April 29 where they attempted to lose their job at Domino’s Pizza.

The sabotage videos have since been removed from Peter’s TikTok account, which he told the Daily Dot he’d done after a manager found them and threatened to fire him if he didn’t scrub them from his profile.

“Apparently, it was in my contract that I wasn’t allowed to film while working,” Peter told the Daily Dot. “Apparently the videos were ‘damaging’ to Domino’s, even though I never did anything against policy.”

One particular video that went viral racked up over 400,000 views, and claimed that Domino’s used leftover toppings to create their supreme pizzas.

At the time of writing, however, there’s only one Domino’s-related video left on his page, which shows a number of boxes being used as dominos.

Peter said that it was allegedly in his contract he couldn’t film while working, which he wasn’t able to confirm. However, according to Dot, there is a part forbidding filming in the Domino’s employee handbook.

While the TikToker was fired, ironically for what his sabotage videos set out to to (satire or not), he claims he’s confident he’ll get his job at Domino’s back. Whether that’s true or not though, remains to be seen.

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