Domino’s staff quit work as viral TikTok causes kitchen chaos: “F**k this job”

TikTok: Mikayla Prindeville

One =TikToker has revealed how she and her colleague quit their job at Domino’s, with one major twist that’s making her go viral.

TikTok user Mikayla Prindeville is going viral after recording a video of herself and her co-worker trashing their workplace right before quitting.

The Dominoes’ employee’s can be seen leaving their former workplace in great disorder before telling the camera, “We’re leaving it just how we f***ing found it. F*** this job.”

The clip currently boasts over 3.5 million views, with 224,000 likes and 6,500 comments.

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Fans react to Domino’s staff quitting

Users are now commenting on the video, with reactions a ranging from sympathetic to downright shocked.

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“Nah, because two people for a DINNER rush is not okay,” one viewer said. :Maybe lunch, but nooooo.”

“I’d make a couple pizzas and take them home,” another joked.

“I wouldn’t judge Domino’s as a whole. That’s based on your owner. I’ve worked for Domino’s for 15 years, for very wonderful people,” one TikToker stated.

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In a follow-up video, Prindeville stated that the night they decided to quit, the franchise was short staffed, with just two workers preparing  orders and only a single delivery driver on the shift.

The TikToker said they were majorly overwhelmed considering how few employees they had working, adding that they were inundated with calls while orders kept flooding in.

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“We had so much empathy for the driver, we were doing so much work for next to nothing and it was just stressful. Nobody should have to go through something like that, nobody should have to work that understaffed and just take it,” Prindeville said.

The former Domino’s employee has since found a new job, and is continuing to share her story across social media, warning people about the downsides of joining the workforce.