Domino’s worker brings TikTok viewers to work and gets fired in 15 minutes

tiktoker at dominos pizzaTikTok: prettyprincess0g

TikTok’s viral “come with me to work” trend has seen employees across the world share what they do with their viewers, but it ended in disaster for this Domino’s worker. 

What started as a lip-sync video-sharing app has become a breeding ground for the biggest trends to take over not just TikTok, but Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms, too.

Of course, these trends don’t always end well for the content creators – as seen in a viral video from April 7.

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TikToker prettyprincess0g shared the news of her new job, working at Domino’s.

TikToker fired after taking her viewers to work at Domino’s

Jumping on the bandwagon of other those taking their viewers to work for the day, she decided to show people what it’s like to pull off a shift in the takeaway pizza eatery.

However, it didn’t take long before the user wasn’t taking just taking viewers with her to work, but also back home.

In a sensational turn of events, she was fired after what she claims to be just 15 minutes on the job that day, ending the clip on an upset face, sipping onto her drink in disappointment.

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In the comments, one user reacted to her losing the job: “You can walk down the street and get another tomorrow.” Another said: “Same, I couldn’t work the weekends, so they fired me.”

Why was she fired?

After no-showing on a number of shifts previously, the TikToker admitted the reason why her employer made such a swift decision: “I don’t be showing up and I thought I could get away with it.”

A number of other viral videos have emerged from fast-food chains across the United States in the past.

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One time, a Subway worker was caught red-handed putting ingredients on the staff toilet seat before serving them, and another showed a rat-infested Popeyes diner that got shut down.

While this TikTok wasn’t on the same level of disgusting, it’s certainly ironic that a “come with me to work” post ended in such a way.

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