Domino’s driver goes off on customer after waiting outside for 15 minutes

Kawter Abed
Domino's driver yelling at customer

A Domino’s delivery driver went viral on TikTok after confronting a customer who kept her outside waiting for 15 minutes.

In a now-deleted clip, content creator Madeline (madeline734) shared the heated encounter with the Domino’s delivery driver.

The video starts with the angry driver confronting Madeline and an unidentified man on their front porch. “Time is money for me. Man, you knew the pizza was coming. I just spoke to you!” the delivery driver yelled. “Answer the f**king door!”

After the screaming match, the driver asked the pair if they were going to call the police. “You want me on tape? Call the police,” she said. “You want me to lose my job? Do it. Call it.”

The man stammered: “She’s mad because she’s been outside for 15 minutes with my food instead of just calling me and telling me that she’s outside?”

“I called you to ask about your soda. I said I was two minutes away,” the driver screamed. “Knocking on your door—you don’t answer.”

The majority of TikTok users sided with the driver, questioning why the duo made her wait outside for so long and didn’t answer the door after she knocked. 

“She was knocking for 15 minutes after she told you she’d be there in 2! Answer the door, dude!!” one user wrote.

“Making her wait 15 minutes is crazy,” another added. “I mean she’s got a point,” a third commented. 

Others said that they would have just left the pizza and moved on.

“I would have left it on the steps,” one shared. “If I’m her, I would have left after five minutes,” another chimed in.

“She is wasting more time, should have just moved on,” someone else said.

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