Dixie D'Amelio fuels Griffin Johnson breakup rumors after social media snub

by Brad Norton


A few small social media updates have set the internet ablaze, as rumors surrounding the breakup of TikTok celebrities Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johhnson continue to mount up.

One of the powerhouse TikTok couples may finally be going their separate ways, if new rumors are to be believed. While D’Amelio recently shut down reports of Johnson’s infidelity, it seems like there's now a bigger divide in the relationship than ever before.


While the couple followed one another across all social media accounts and frequently collaborated, that has now come to an end, for the time being. On July 30, D’Amelio unfollowed Johnson on both Twitter and Instagram.

Naturally, this led avid fans to speculate on the status of their relationship. While nothing is official, and may not be for some time, the writing is certainly on the wall for the end of this TikTok relationship.


Shortly after D’Amelio removed her long-time partner from her following list, Johnson updated one platform in particular as well. He changed his Twitter header from a picture of the couple to a photo of him and his friends.

While this may be considered a prank any other day of the week, recent cheating allegations paint these changes in a different light. Moreover, a fellow TikTok personality exposed Johnson for reaching out to her while still with D’Amelio.

Madison Galley shared a video on July 30 that highlighted numerous attempts from Johnson to connect with her. “Keep watching if you want to see me expose Griffin Johnson,” she captioned in the video. From Instagram to Snapchat, he sent multiple messages while still supposedly committed to D’Amelio. Even one explicitly stating that he was “single.”


D’Amelio saw this post, presumably began a dialogue with Galley, and soon unfollowed Johnson across social media. 

As official statements are yet to come out from either internet personality, take this information with a grain of salt. There’s a chance this could be resolved behind closed doors after all. For the time being, however, the relationship appears to be on thin ice.