Disguised Toast reveals perfect plan to avoid Twitch TV stream DMCA

Disguised Toast on TwitchDisguised Toast

Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has unveiled a comical plan that would enable himself and other streamers to watch TV shows live without facing a DMCA strike. 

Following on from his orchestrated DMCA suspension, Disguised Toast has outlined his master plan to continue streaming TV shows without receiving any takedowns. The popular streamer previously received a ban from Twitch after he streamed episodes of the anime Death Note.

While Toast revealed that he only started this movement to “scare others” who watch anime, many streamers have joined in on the TV show stream bandwagon. Since then, the likes of Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Corpse Husband have joked about streaming episodes of their favorite shows. 

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Disguised Toast Twitch TV DMCA plan

During a recent Valorant stream, Disguised Toast revealed how he’d avoid further DMCA strikes when streaming TV programs in the future. Toast came up with the idea after Sykkuno and Valkyrae joked about watching shows on stream to which Toast replied, “you guys want to watch it on stream together? I’m actually down to risk it.”

This obviously caused a lot of commotion in the chat, but fortunately, Toast already had a comical idea that could counter the DMCA claims against his broadcast. “Here’s what we do, we stream it on an anonymous Twitch account, we do no cam, and we say it’s our cousin.”

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“Even if they ban us, it’s our cousin that’s doing it. If they ban that Twitch account, we don’t get banned,” laughed Toast. If our cousin is going to watch it, we may as well stream it together.”

The streamer then pretended to ask for the fictional cousin’s name, before going over to the Twitch sign-up page. Fans of Disguised Toast were obviously pleased their favorite streamer didn’t go through with the joke. After all, another DMCA strike would mean there wouldn’t be any shenanigans for a while. 

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